Wednesday, December 11, 2013

P.R. move #ASKRKELLY goes South!

We're usually for people having 2nd chances in life to correct their wrongs, especially when they ask for forgiveness and seek help. However, Robert Kelly a.k.a R. Kelly has done no such of a thing since he was charged and prosecuted for 14 charges of Child Pornography after video surfaced of him urinating and having sex with a 13 year old.

He married a 15 year old behind her parents backs and later had the marriage annulled. Now with his new album named "Black Panties", whereas he features a picture of an obviously very young girl on his lap,  hiding her face as he plays her like a fiddle, code for manipulate, one can't help but to ask whether he has a drop of remorse at all, even more to the point, is he still bedding 13 year olds?

Whoever doesn't see the problem with this promotion tactic is suspect at best. The man seems to be taking on the title of role model for child molesters for goodness sake, whom may gloat at the fact he got away with his crimes against underage youth, because of money and fame and dare we say it, because of his talent as a songwriter, producer and artist, among other titles.

With all that said, it is refreshing to know that there are those in the African American community that have not been duped and want him to go back to the hole he slithered out from.  Yesterday he was so confident that all was well and decided to do a #AskRKelly Tweet session to promote his album. Look what happened next after the JUMP!!

and there was WORSE! But we digress..

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