Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Toast: "The Chickenhead In Me:Hip Hop Feminism..Nice Write Up

I can remember the precise moment I fell in love with hip-hop. It was 2003, and I was 14. I was mesmerized when the first notes of Nas’ “Ether” rattled the radio’s speakers. His raspy voice and aggressive cadence captivated me as he hurled insults for more than four minutes at fellow rapper Jay-Z. By the time the last notes faded off the radio, I had been transformed into a hip-hop disciple. I saved my allowance for two weeks so I could purchase Nas’ album, and I listened to it every day until I’d learned every word of every song. I purchased Nas’ entire music catalogue over the course of six months, and then I did the same with NWA, Snoop Dogg, Rakim and a host of other MCs. I fell in love with hip-hop, even as I realized the art form often excludes and degrades female bodies like mine. It is through this hyper-masculine, patriarchal and heteronormative culture that I developed a feminist politic capable of both loving and interrogating institutions like hip-hop. READ FULL at THE TOAST

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