Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The TRUTH about Christmas Its History Myths, and Traditions - Jeremiah F...

I haven't celebrated Xmas since before the year of 2004! I was taught the truth of the custom as a young girl and have never felt comfortable doing so, even if it is socially acceptable to do so. I love my family year around and do enjoy and partake in some yearly celebrations as it usually affords me the time to be with loved ones, which more times than usual is around the holiday season.  However, I do not Xmas shop, do not put up a tree etc..Just my personal belief.  My beloved sister gives me very thoughtful gifts during Xmas but most importantly throughout the year she is there for what is truly important!  Love & Support and Ditto!

Thanks for the much needed Can Opener!!! LOL..Happy Holidays to all who celebrate.

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