Thursday, December 26, 2013

This is NICE!! Soho Loft Beyonce Approved 80,000 a Month!

Touted by the brokerbabble as "NYC's most incredible, unique rental property," and boasting the hands-down best celeb name-dropper of all time, this majestic Soho loft space is on the rental market for a whopping $80K a month. In the recent past the place has been rented out mainly for events, photo shoots, and music videos—devoted BeyoncĂ© worshippers will obviously recognize the spot as the locale from her "Halo" video—and about two years ago the place was renting as a full-time residence for $100K a month, earning a spot on NYC's priciest rental list.

 Still, now the former Con Ed switching station (yes, really) is back with a bevy of newer, shinier listing photos that show off the 13,000-square-foot beauty's 29-foot ceilinged living room (now featuring a shockingly purple couch), gorgeous book-lined lofted library, and, duh, private indoor pool. There's also three bedrooms and three oversized bathrooms, but really, the BeyoncĂ© pedigree is kind of the most valuable feature. Right? Right. Anyway, do have a look, below.

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