Saturday, December 14, 2013

ViewPoint: Beyonce A Feminist?


Well it seems to me that the words feminist, left, progressive, mean nothing at this point. Just as I do not look to rappers nor TV commentators to guide my politics, I am not looking to singers or a fake TV show to guide my feminism. If this is where feminism is at, we need a whole new word, new language and discourses. If this is where feminism is at then we are in a whole lot of f--king trouble." - Rosa Clemente
— with Rosa Clemente

Sooooo..what is your Viewpoint on this? Click the Jump to see mine! 

Wow..I respect the Pioneers of "feminism". And as one who is educating myself on several feminist educator fronts across the board, I think this debate may boil down to "old school" vs. "New". There is always transition. If not, BOXES are created. And I despise boxes.

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