Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4 Emotions first time Entrepreneurs experience -OpenOffice

Entrepreneurship is more than a career choice—it's a life calling. It's common for new business owners to experience fear, uncertainty or a rush of excitement. But these emotions are only a small part of the story. What catches most new business leaders off-guard are the emotions they don't expect to feel.

Fear Of Success

Mina Ennin Black, founder of WealthEssentials Money Management, wasn't afraid of failing in her new venture: She was more worried about succeeding.

"The thought of succeeding actually terrified me more," she says. "I would procrastinate and not respond to certain requests for fear that it would turn into something much bigger."

It's not uncommon for new business owners, especially those with the potential for rapid growth, to shy away from the early big successes; they can't wrap their minds around how to manage a big success so they freeze.

Ennin Black overcame this fear by reminding herself why she became an entrepreneur, "No one goes into business with the intention of failing. I am grateful and proud of my successes." CHECK OUT THE REST AT OPENOFFICE

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