Friday, January 10, 2014

Fresh Tea: Drama ensues at People's Choice Award with J-Hud and Ex-Friend

*According to a RadarOnline report, Jennifer Hudson went into diva mode at the People’s Choice Awards.

Of course that’s not what viewers saw on their TV screens while watching her receive the Favorite Humanitarian Award on Wednesday night.

But folks in the Nokia Theater where the award show was held say Hudson pitched a bitch because an ex-friend and now enemy, singer Lord KraVen, was seated on the front row and she had security throw him out.

“Jennifer loudly threatened ‘Either he leaves or I leave,’ and was waving her finger in the face of a security guard,” a source says.

The story goes that KraVen was escorted out, but “the situation continued to escalate outside the main auditorium and required the assistance of LAPD.”

However, according to the source, an LAPD officer determined that the Nokia Theatre security had acted in haste and offered to escort the peculiar looking singer back inside.

The source said the bad feelings between the two stems from an appearance Lord KraVen made on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight in April 2012 during the trial for the murder of her family members.
“Before then Jennifer and Lord Kraven were close, but ever since then she has declared war against him.”

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