Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Globes will be Golden, but Hollywood still remains mostly White...VIA WAMC

 Interesting write up about the difficult time creatives of the Visual Performing Arts still face we thought we'd share with you...Thoughts?


Sunday was one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, as stars from film and television gather for the Golden Globe Awards.

This year's awards, which celebrate the best writing, acting and production of the year, are being hailed as the most diverse yet, with a significant number of minority actors up for awards.

"It is a landmark year in one sense: We are seeing more people of color nominated for major awards than we have in the past," says NPR's television critic Eric Deggans. "But one of the things that's interesting is we're finding certain actors nominated in multiple categories. So, we have Idris Elba and Chiwetel Ejiofor both nominated for major awards in film and television."

The pool of minority actors is still relatively small, Deggans says. "There are ... certain actors of color who've been embraced by Hollywood, and maybe it's time to spread that wealth around a little bit and get a wider range of actors involved in these big projects."

Beyond those standout actors and writers, Hollywood is still a tough town for minorities. READ & LISTEN

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