Saturday, January 11, 2014

Golden Globe Predictions 2014: 12 Years A Slave forerunner, for Best Actor

 My Fav Picks: Best Picture 12 years A Slave, Best Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor, but I think Forrest Whitaker also deserves an award for "The Butler".
Best Animated Feature: Frozen (so good) Best Supporting: Lupita Nyongo

This Sunday will be the 71st Annual Golden Globe awards, hosted (once again) by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Of course, the real winners of the ceremony will be Poehler and Fey, but we have our own bets for the more standard categories. The list of nominees is extensive and impressive, with competition tight among films.

There is a lot of speculation going into this year's awards. Here are some predictions for how the races will shape up this Sunday:

1. Best Picture (Drama and Comedy)

Both categories are tough, but 12 Years a Slave will win for Drama and American Hustle will win for Comedy. Both movies face stiff competition in their respective categories, but they seem like logical choices by process of elimination.
Their biggest competitors, as far as buzz is concerned, are Gravity (in Drama), and Her and Inside Llewyn Davis (in Comedy). Gravity, though, will likely not pull through due to its underwhelming writing, and Her and Inside Llewyn Davis are, frankly, barely comedies.
Will Win (Drama)12 Years a Slave
Could Win (Drama)Gravity
Will Win (Comedy)American Hustle
Could Win (Comedy)Her; Inside Llewyn Davis

 2. Best Director

The Golden Globes tend to be more egalitarian when they hand out awards. With Best Picture (Drama) going to 12 Years a Slave, and Best Picture (Musical/Comedy) going to American Hustle, Alfonso Cauron will likely be recognized for his deft handling of the space drama Gravity. While the other directors did great jobs, it takes a master director to bring a film set entirely in space — and focused on one actress — to life. His care in coordinating special effects, artful sound design, and emotional acting will not go unrecognized.
Will Win: Alfonso Cuaron
Could Win: David O. Russell, Steve McQueen



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