Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Harvard wants to make "HIP HOP" music more Positive? via:PolicyMic

Poet and MC, KRS-ONE a.k.a the teacher,  has a website entitled: "The Temple of Hip Hop", whereas he schools about the culture of Hip Hop and even lays out a "Point Plan/System" on how Hip Hop should be preserved and respected.  He is one of the Founders and "GateKeepesr" so to speak, of the Hip Hop movement and has been since the founding of Hip Hop, having been apart of the Zulu Nation!

Sooo, heard of the "FellowShip Program" being implemented by Harvard University and spearheaded by the GodFather of Hip Hop himself, Queen's own, Nasir Jones? Dedicated to "preserving" Hip Hop Culture and promoting its positive influence on Society?

The writeup I am about to share with you,  is on point, as the author makes intelligent argument of how Hip Hop has already been positive in many areas that the media doesn't care to report on, starting for example with the recent success of  Kendrick Lamar's "Good Kidd Maad City", an intelligent storytelling album which is expected to win big at the Grammy's. Check out the Write Up and this track by K-Dot entitled: "REAL".  HARVARD HIP HOP  article

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