Friday, January 17, 2014

He's Baaack! Reverend Jeremiah Wright Blasts President Obama on Drone Attacks..


In perhaps his harshest criticism of the president yet, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright blasted Barack Obama in a Wednesday speech commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, contrasting the legacies of the two men as "I have a dream" versus "I have a drone."

 Speaking at a breakfast hosted by the Chicago Teachers Union, the firebrand pastor reportedly drew gasps from the crowd as he mentioned the president's so-called "kill list" and hammered the president's administration on its drone policy. Though news crews' cameras were not allowed to roll during Wright's speech, the pastor emeritus at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago reportedly told the audience, “King said ‘I have a dream.’ Barack said, ‘I have a drone.’”

"That's not the man of peace you just talked about," Wright can be heard saying in a portion of video captured via cell phone camera (embedded above). "That's a man controlled by government. A government based on militarism, racism and capitalism."

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