Friday, January 3, 2014

How is this Fair! Teen sentenced to 6 Life Sentences for theft?


So a white teen kills 4 people while driving drunk and receives another chance at life, this teen sentenced to death, literally? America is screwed up!

In 2006, 15-year-old Travion Blount was given the longest prison sentence ever given to a teenager for a crime other than murder. He was sentenced to an incredible six life sentences plus an additional 118 years (you know, just in case he outlived the first six lifers) in prison for his role in a 2006 house theft.
In the theft, 15-year-old Blount and two 18 year old accomplices stole cell phones, cash, and marijuana from a local house party. The boys were quickly detained by police and charged with their crimes.

The 18 year olds accepted plea deals that landed them only 10 and 13 years in jail. Blount rejected his plea deal at the time, and as a result the judge handed him an infinitely more harsh sentence.
Blount has been serving time in Wallens Ridge State Prison since 2007.

Now, almost seven years later, Blount and his attorney are appealing his sentence. They are arguing that his punishment is far more severe than the crime, especially given that the other two teens who committed the crime with him are serving only a fraction of the time Blount is. The appeal is being sent to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in hopes that he will pardon Blount before leaving office.

Want to do something?

Write to: Pardons Specialist
Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
Post Office Box 2454
Richmond, Virginia 23218-2454

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