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Jahi McMath Story: Finding the Truth

Last week we posted the immensely sad story of Little Jahi McMath, the 13 year old beauty who is now sparking a huge debate over parents rights vs. Doctor's rights. 

Here are some of the facts that we have been able to ascertain and gather utilizing supposed trustworthy sources such as CNN/MSNBC, etc

1. On December 9th, Jahi Mcmath came to Children's Hospital of Oakland for a Tonsillectomy and an adenotonsillectomy.

2. Upon waking from the surgery she began to bleed and went into cardiac arrest, and was pronounced brain dead 3 days later.

3. The doctor's legal reason for taking Jahi off medical support stated because there was serious complications during surgery, however have not said what those complications were: 

4. Jahi's family does not believe her to be dead and did not want her life support removed, stating Jahi is warm to the touch, moves her feet when it is touched and when her mom yelled in her ear, she raised her arm
"This child is warm. She is soft to the touch. If you rub her foot, her foot curls in. The mother has yelled in her ear, and the daughter has lifted up her arms."

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5.  On December 21st a judge granted a temporary restraining order to prevent Children's Hospital from removing life support until an independant neurologist could examine her brain for any evidence of activity. Two independent physicians believed Jahi to be brain dead. Judge sided with Children's Hospital but afforded the family a certain amount of time for an appeal.

6. Family has raised 50,000 dollars via to help with the transfer of Jahi's body to another facility who were willing to take her.

7. A T&A operation complication risk is so low, it is usually done as outpatient.

Other non factual information that is being reported, as the hospital cannot disclose too much information because of HIPPAA., is that CNN a few days mentioned preop plans for Jahi to go to ICU postoperatively. Now, most kids getting their tonsils out go home the same day. So what else was going on with this girl that there were plans to keep her in ICU even before the surgery occurred?

With all the facts or should we say, what is being reported...we don't know what to believe! I tell ya, if you ever watch the show "Grey's Anatomy" it is for sure a snapshot out of their storyline., room for Doctor error has been covered up in the past. The brother said the hospital was impatient and downright rude to the family, rushing them to take her off life support. If little Jahi were to prayerfully make a recovery, you can be sure tests will be done to figure out who did what.  Very interesting albeit sad case, looking foward to the Legal nature of how it plays out.

Here are some cases that some may want to refer to with similar circumstances of  "Brain Dead" however, they were not. Zach Dunlap tops the list...

In July, a woman diagnosed as "brain dead" did the supposedly impossible. Madeleine Gauron woke up. Transplant folks had already sought consent to harvest her organs, but fortunately for her, her family refused, demanding proof she was really dead.

That case follows on the heels of a similar "miracle" in Australia in March. Doctors declared Gloria Cruz, 56, brain dead. She regained consciousness three days later.

Lydia Paillard revived after a diagnosis of brain death in October. Sebastien Paillard was considering consenting to turning off his mother's ventilator at the doctor's recommendation when staff members noticed signs of brain activity in the "dead" woman.

Three woman in a single year, first they were irrevocably dead, and then they weren't.

Read: Children's Hospital's Legal Argument below:

tonsillectomy, and adenotonsillectomy, to help with her sleep apnea

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