Friday, January 10, 2014

Jesus Take The Wheel: Cops rape man with a Gun?!!!


When will the government take a stand and admit that rogue police officers run amuck!? Sick of these scum getting paid vacations after mercilessly beating and killing citizens.

Angel Perez, 32, is suing the Chicago Police Department for the sort of abuse, as journalist Rhania Khalek noted in Vice, that “sounds like a horror story from the days when crooked cop Jon Burge tortured the city’s citizens with impunity.”

Perez accuses Chicago cops of beating him and sodomizing him with a gun to force him to cooperate as drug informant in late 2012.

Perez spoke to Khalek about his ordeal, despite advice from his lawyers to save his statements for court. Perez explained that he wanted to make his story public, fearing that otherwise the Chicago officers responsible for his torture would not be sufficiently brought to justice, and police brutality would continue unimpeded. “I cannot live in a society where these guys are still on the streets,” Perez said.  READ MORE

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