Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sadness: Mother of 4 Anisa Taylor Senselessly murdered, family needs help with Burial

Viewing Ms. Anisa Taylor's facebook page was inspiring indeed. A mother of 4, author of a Cookbook, she and her daughter, Health & Wellness advocate and all around awesome mom and entrepreneur who seemed excited about the New Year. What isn't seen is an apparent issue with Domestic Violence at the hands of her husband, Valance Taylor. Anisa was murdered, her body found in her car, in Lithonia, Georgia on Wednesday. Family and friends say they saw what was coming and now are at a loss with no money to bury her. Condolences to her family and children. A VERY sad story. Who knows what she was enduring, it seems she hid it well.

 To help Visit here:
If you are in a DV situation seek help and LEAVE, safely...

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