Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carter, Obama and Feminism

Originally written by: Krissa Thompson

So, this article about the "Love Affair" between First Lady Michelle Obama and her friend whom she calls a "role model" Beyonce is quite interesting, starting with the picture above chosen for the piece.

As everyone knows, Soul/RB Pop Singer Beyonce released a surprise album that was pretty much critically acclaimed and shot up the charts reaching Platinum status. The article in question seems to have an underlying theme relating to "Feminism", though Beyonce hasn't given herself this title, some are calling her a feminist of sorts and because of that this article decides to add Michelle Obama in the mix, although the 1st Lady has not declared herself a feminist neither. Add on, the Politico article calling the first lady an embarrasment to the feminist movement, "a feminist nightmare" more precisely and you have yourself quite a "story", rite?  Wrong. Moreso, manufactured if anything.

I tell ya, ever since FLOTUS, Michelle Obama deemed Beyonce a "role model" for young women and girls, I had to side eye her hard. I just thought it was too much and reckless to do so. I do not care for this article but I am not suprised  the Washington Post decided to pair the two together as a sort of mockery of this country's first black 1st Lady, and ofcourse so appropriately timed, as Beyonce's sex laced album dropped, which I must admit I happen to like some of the songs from the self titled, visual album.

 I  do hate the picture used for the article, as if they are in an embrace about to kiss!! Which to me lends into the age old stereotype of feminists being Gay. Maybe its just me...What are your thoughts? Here is the article: Feminism- the Carter & Obama Women

Also, checkout the womanist/feminist Chimimanda Ngozi, whom Mrs. Carter received inspiration for her song: "Flawless"...

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