Friday, January 17, 2014

Washington Post''s Rahiel Tesfamariam says: DEATH OF WORLD STAR HIP HOP IMPERATIVE!

 Thank You Sis. Rahiel Tesfamariam. Truth To Power!

In 2009, Jay-Z released D.O.A. (“Death of Auto-tune), a song in which he takes certain hip-hop artists to task for diluting rap lyricism and creativity. The mogul declared that he was “drawing a line in the sand” after a trend of artists using auto-tune technology excessively and without regard for organic musical production. While Jay-Z is rarely celebrated as a voice for progressive hip-hop, he spoke a timely and needed truth. And T-Pain’s career hasn’t been the same since.

The video aggregating site World Star Hip Hop could stand similar brand damaging from hip-hop artists and community activists.  With its heavy use of physical violence and racial stereotypes, the self-professed “CNN of the Ghetto” is one of the most culturally damaging media platforms in existence today.

HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill recently gathered a panel to discuss the violence on the site. “During the 30-minute online panel discussion ‘Do ‘Hood Sites’ Normalize Black Stereotypes,’ Professor Brittney Cooper of Rutgers University, Professor Shayne Lee of the University of Houston, television personality Amanda Seales, Chicago rapper Rhymefest, and filmmaker Mandon Lovett discussed whether World Star Hip Hop was irresponsibly profiting from Black-on-Black violence,” reports NewsOne. READ FULL at WP

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