Sunday, February 23, 2014

HOLD UP! 5 year old children in NJ School found naked in bathroom! Where was the supervision?


NO WORDS. But as a parent I would like to know where the hell the teacher/assistants were when this took place. 

A New Jersey teacher may lose her job after two of her kindergarten students were found "having sex" while naked in the classroom's bathroom.

The rural South Jersey school district of Mullica Township seeks to remove kindergarten teacher Kelly Mascio after two 5-year-old students — a boy and girl — were found naked in the bathroom at her classroom on Sept. 30, reports the Press of Atlantic City. The students told the teacher they were "having sex," the newspaper reports.

Mascio, a teacher in the district for 15 years, reported the incident to her supervisor and police were called regarding the incident. The teacher was immediately suspended with pay, the newspaper reported.
No criminal charges were filed.

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