Wednesday, February 12, 2014

African Americans abstain from Sex on Valentines Day!! says: St. Louis Transformational Agenda

\ reports St.LouisPatch:

Beginning midnight on Valentine’s Day, the African American community is being asked to practice sexual abstinence for one week, in order to concentrate, strategize, and plan actions to heal the African American community. For centuries, abstinence and fasting have been voluntarily utilized as a testament to conviction and as preparation for actions of great importance.

 Abstinence, as a form of self-denial proclaims to all who are aware the seriousness of the task at hand and help to provide resolve to carry it out. And that is exactly what the St. Louis Black Pages Business Directory and Transformational Agenda Magazine is asking the African American community to do. “It is time we called a time out, rethink everything and A.C.T (analyze, comprehend, and transform)!” said Howard Denson, Publisher, St. Louis Black Pages/Transformational Agenda Magazine. He continued, “Heaven knows that it is time that the African American community carefully examined the impact of slavery on today’s behaviors, took out a clean sheet of paper and decided what we wish to become, and then minister to one another via voluntary service to make that empowering and healing vision a reality.”


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