Friday, February 7, 2014

Ethan Couch murders 4 and gets slap on the wrist due to defense of "AFFLUENZA"

 Texas teenager who avoided prison after a psychologist described him as suffering from "affluenza" has been ordered by a judge to attend an undisclosed rehabilitation facility.
Ethan Couch was given ten years' probation last December for killing four people and seriously injuring two while driving drunk. On Wednesday,  district judge Jean Boyd again did not issue any jail time and assigned him to the centre in a court hearing that was closed to the media.

The sentence handed out by Boyd last year outraged the victims' families and the case attracted national attention after a  psychologist called by the defence testified that the teenager had "affluenza", indicating that his behavioural problems were influenced by a troubled upbringing in a wealthy family where privilege prevented him from grasping the consequences of his actions.
Critics said the outcome was an egregious example of a justice system that treats the rich and the poor differently.

A statement from the Tarrant County district attorney's office said that the judge "ordered the teen be placed in a lock-down residential treatment facility, where he will remain for an undisclosed period. She ordered his parents to pay for the cost of his treatment." READ MORE

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