Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Horribly sad: Rihanna Fan & Family brutally murdered by drunken stepfather!

   reports:LipStickAlley A crime in Sergipe shocked not only the Brazilians but also the singer Rihanna. Hardcore fan of the star, Tiago Sobral Valencia, 15,  who went by the name "Thyago Fenty" was stabbed to death by the stepfather last Saturday in Nossa Senhora do Socorro. Upon learning of the tragedy, Rihanna got in touch with the families through their representatives in Brazil to provide solidarity and also help financially.

In an interview with this column, Eronilton Santos, the boy's father, said he was surprised by the call and that Rihanna's team even offered to help pay for the funeral. "I was surprised that they're concerned about it. The representative said that it was a request from Rihanna herself, who wanted to offer all kinds of help. They wanted to pay for the funeral, but I only asked if she would provide a tribute to him. The only thing I thought is that from heaven, where he is, he's going to see this gesture. The impact of the message she posted about it on Twitter was huge". Still, Rihanna keeps in touch with family and asks Eronilton for accept her donation .

Before dying, Tiago collected CDs, DVDs and also kept his savings to go to her concert. "He never went because of the lack of money. Since last year, when he knew she would come to Brazil, he began to save money in a safe to be able to see her"

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