Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"If you can't manage a home, you can't manage office" says Kenyan Governor to Women!! Apologizes..

"If you are 35 and don’t have a husband, there is something wrong… We will start demanding that you are married before you are elected. You, young ladies, look for husbands and get married. You are the ones causing problems. Someone who is able to manage a home is equally able to run the affairs of the people. But if you cannot manage a home … can you manage public affairs?"

reports: Newsone

Kabogo’s diarrhea of the mouth raised the ire of Rukia Subow, chairperson of the women’s lobby group  Maendelea ya Wanawake, who referred to the comments as “discriminatory.”  Subow told the Daily Nation, leadership is about brains not skirts.”

After Kabogo, 49, who just happens to have six women in his eight-member cabinet, experienced incredible backlash from his reported comments, he publicly apologized and maintained that he was misquoted, “I seek forgiveness to all those that I have offended in the course of my life. On my side, I forgive all those who have sinned against me.”


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