Monday, February 24, 2014

Money over Everything...Jermaine Dupri hit with 1 Million Dollar Lawsuit alleging "Theft"?

Some say Mr. Weathers and Mr. Dupri started from the bottom together and go way back as friends..Sad to see.., however the industry is notorious for breaking friendships.


So So Def Recordings founder Jermaine Dupri Mauldin is facing a $1 million lawsuit. Radar Online reports that Dupri is being sued by his former business partner Eddie Weathers for failing to turn over profits on a merger deal involving Dieniahmar Music LLC.

Weathers claims that he and the Atlanta-based producer created the company together in 2005, and he owns 50% of the copyright interests in the Dieniahmar catalogue. Weathers also says when Dupri signed a co-publishing deal with EMI Music the following year he was not named as a co-owner.

According to court documents, this omission cost Weathers hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties. He was supposedly expected to get 50% of the profits but alleges all the money from EMI went to Dupri and his business manager.

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