Saturday, February 1, 2014

Supervisor leave NOOSE on Black employees desk "You're FIRED!!"

 Have people started to notice just how blatant racism is becoming? Sign of the Times!

According to a woman came to work to find the kind of surprise that no one wants to face on the job.  She says that she arrived and found that a noose had been left in her cubicle, possibly as a sick prank or even a threat.  Even more startling is that the noose was allegedly delivered by one of her supervisors.

“This is 2014 and a supervisor brings a noose to work and nothing is done about it,” Vanessa Savage told KATU.

Savage, who lives in Washington County, Oregon, says that besides the noose being in her cubicle, she also found a note with the words “termination notice.”  This is when she became alarmed and alerted authorities.  To her surprise, an investigation by the county concluded that there was no racial motivation for the noose.  They then ordered all employees to undergo sensitivity training.
But despite the odd conclusion of the county’s “investigation,” she isn’t backing down from this one.
“A noose is designed to terrorize people and there’s a historical precedent that that’s what the noose does,” she said. “And when you put a noose on a note that says ‘terminated, fired,’ he wanted it to have a certain impact and it did.”

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