Tuesday, February 25, 2014

VIDEO: LOVE HIM! The "G.O.A.T" LL Cool J spits "I Need Love" on Arsenio!!!

I have allways been a "fan", yes I will use that term when it comes to this artist, since I was a young teenager..when James Todd Smith first dropped "I Need A Beat"...I remember meeting him face to face and talking with him when I was like 16 and he was rocking the Kangol looking so sexy and he actually tried to kick some Game!! Yes he did.. Hahaha My wall as a teenager was PLASTERED with this guy ;)) He is a great family man, lovely wife, whom he started from the bottom with, and just a beautiful family! Much Success Todd!


*Monday night on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” “NCIS” star LL Cool J dropped in to talk hip hop and also kicked-off an impromptu performance of his classic rap ballad, “I Need Love.”

LL Cool J broke ground over 25 years ago when Arsenio Hall booked him as the first hip hop artist to appear on late-night TV, so the late-night host had to ask LL’s take on his favorite young rap artists performing today.

He tells Arsenio about some of his favorite up-and-comers and calls out Kanye for his stunts.

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