Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bill to Block Rapists' Parental rights stalls in Ohio

Having worked in family law, the fact that a person can rape another, impregnate them and than sue for visitation rights, always was a OxyMoron and clearly demonstrates the idiocy surrounding the American InJustice System.


 In Ohio and 30 other states, a man who impregnates a woman through rape can successfully sue her for child custody and visitation rights. While there is a bill currently pending in the Ohio State Senate that would block attackers' parental rights, it has been stalled in the Criminal Justice Committee since it was introduced in January.

On Wednesday, three Ohio State University students with the reproductive rights organization Choice USA will deliver a petition to State Sen. John Eklund (R), chair of the Criminal Justice Committee, demanding that he advance the bill. The petition, created by the progressive advocacy group Ultraviolet, has already collected 60,000 signatures. "No survivor should have to worry that her attacker is going to sue her if she becomes pregnant and has a child because of the rape," the petition says. "No one should have to spend a lifetime tethered to their rapist, especially if it means watching a violent offender raise your child. But this is a potential reality for the 32,000 women who become pregnant from rape each year." READ MORE

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