Friday, March 28, 2014

Kobe Bryant and Post-Racial America Thinking...

So I wasn't going to post this Kobe Bryant story that has recently been making the rounds mainly because I felt like Bryant had a right to his own opinion. Although, being in the spotlight as one of the NBA's most prolific basketball players, what comes out of his mouth when it concerns the black community unfortunately will further in the future, I promise you, be used by some as a sort of "precedent", because there are those who still can't understand that black folks are NOT a monolith but individuals who think differently according to their life experiences.

What are we talking about? Read more here at Colorlines, they'll sum it up for you, which they cleverly point out some of the flawed thinking Mr. Bryant conveyed about Trayvon Martin...

By the way,  Mr. Bryant what facts were you able to ascertain from Trayvon's murder? Not much it seems, as your statement shows extreme ignorance about this case in particular.

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