Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mona Scott-Young, Vh1 Executives face $50 Million dollar Lawsuit


Mona Scott-Young’s wildly successful “Love & Hip Hop” franchise has made her the target of a huge lawsuit!

The executive producer has been accused of stealing the idea for “Love & Hip Hop.” Now 8th Wonder Entertainment, Nicki Lum-Davis and Trisha Lum are suing Mona’s production company Monami Entertainment for $50 million! The plaintiffs have also pegged VH1, MTV Networks and Viacom in the lawsuit, which was filed on March 10, 2014. READ LAWSUIT

According to court documents obtained by, Mona’s being slammed with allegations of copyright infringement, fraud, and breach of contract, breach of confidence for the show’s concept.
According to 8th Wonder Entertainment, it had come up with a show to be called “Hip Hop Wives,” modeling the title after VH1′s popular “Basketball Wives” series. The cast would have included Tashera Simmons, Chrissy Lampkin, Mashonda Tifere and Irv Gotti’s ex-wife Debbie Lorenzo. As “Love & Hip Hop” fans know, Chrissy and Mashonda actually did join the cast of Mona’s show.
The plaintiffs claim that they initially involved Mona and VH1 in the pitch meetings, only to have the concept snatched out from underneath. Court documents also state that Chrissy backed out of her deal with 8th Wonder before linking up with Mona and VH1.
“Nickie Lum-Davis… is the author, creator and copyright holder of the Work… VH1 and Scott secretly engaged in the negotiation of a TV production deal using Plaintiffs copyrighted work.”
Mona Scott Young would have you believe she’s the brainchild behind “Love & Hip Hop” — but recently filed court docs don’t only seem to prove that’s a straight up lie, the Monami Entertainment founder is being blasted for ripping off the idea from another woman! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Chrissy Lampkin. Know why? It’s looking like Mrs. Jones knew all about Mona’s script-scam from the jump!!!
Now… Mona Scott Young, her production company Monami for Love & Hip Hop, VH1, MTV Networks and Viacom are facing a $50-million dollar lawsuit!!!
“The parties listed are being sued for copyright infringement, fraud, and breach of contract, breach of confidence for the idea of “Love & Hip Hop.”
The Court case, just filed yesterday (March 10, 2014), is being revealed as “the largest copyright infringement case in Reality TV history!!” According to the docs.. Nickie Lum-Davis is the woman who Mona Scott Young — and VH1 execs — plotted against, before running with her “copyrighted” script “Hip Hop Wives.” Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jim Ackerman.


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