Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sad. Bobbi Kristina's husband flashes guns on Twitter/Threatens Whitney's Family!

Okay, what is going on with Bobbi Kristina and this young man named Nick Gordon? He seems to have been drunk tweeting (or maybe not) and made some very threatening messages toward Whitney's family. He also posted the above demented looking picture, as if to hint that the late great, Ms. Whitney Houston, R.I.P, has his back! I pray Bobbi Kristina is safe, something seems off and abusive here. Discretion at the extreme use of the N word in the below tweets. Someone may need to call the "King of R&B"  to come check on his loved one, as Whitney so lovingly used to call him :)

reports EbenGregory:

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s former play-brother/husband Nick Gordon lashes out on Twitter brandishing guns and threatening the Houston family.

 Moments later his wife chimed in sounding confused about his latest rant.

AND, there were more pictures of semi handguns however, I am not going to post them..I am just concerned for Ms. Bobbi Kristina, and pray she remains safe.

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