Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sad..Chris Brown's mom unconsolable at Court Appearance..

The Price of Fame...imagine having to relive one of the worst times of your life over and over again. Imagine being a young adult and every stupid decision or word you say scrutinized, twisted and blasted across front pages of newspapers and blogs for years! No matter how right you try to correct your wrongs, you are still "branded" as a wreck loose violent thug. Every detail of your life is played out like a bad Lifetime movie for the world and your loved ones to see.

We're not giving Chris Brown a pass on his deadly choice to batter Rihanna Fenty, however we are choosing to look at him as a young man of color who has been chosen as the poster child or new punching bag for the media to pounce on., similar to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Kanye West in our opinion.

Yes, celebrity has its costs, and ego may play a part in some decisions, but I do not expect anyone whom has not lived in that bubble to truly understand the microscope and pressure this young man and his family has to endure.

I'm sure everyone can remember starlet and actress Lindsey Lohan and her neverending battle with drugs, drunk driving and thievery and numerous probation violations, however she has been given multiple opportunities to turn over a new leaf, having been in a courtroom 9 times in one year, she was sentenced to 30 days in jail but only served 5 days and was released, get this, due to overcrowding., she also has never been made to wear prison garb to court, but was allowed civilian clothes and the longest time ever served despite her long list of violations HERE has been 2 weeks!

We're just trying to understand the privilege here. Should Chris Brown take responsibility for his waywardness? Ofcourse. Does his celebritydom play a role in him being targeted in certain situations? Ofcourse.


Brown's mother, Joyce Hawkins, started sobbing after hearing her son be ordered back to jail. Attorney Mark Geragos whispered into Hawkins' ear, seemingly in an attempt to console her.

Brown, wearing a county-issued orange jumpsuit, was in shackles when he was led into court today, a request by Geragos to let his client wear civilian clothes in the face of all the cameras having been denied.

On Friday, the probation department submitted a three-page report outlining the ways in which Brown had violated program rules and was not compliant with the program. Reported fractions included making a "provocative statement" during a morning reflection class (allegedly boasting, "I'm good with guns and knives"), touching elbows/standing close to a female client and issues concerning a drug test.

Deeming Brown "troubled," L.A. County Superior Court James Brandlin, who has been overseeing Brown's recent back-and-forth with the court, sent him back to the slammer without bail despite Geragos' insistence to the court that holding the singer is a "waste of judicial rseources." The attorney argued that Brown should be housed in an off-site facility, not jail.

April 23 hearing, meanwhile, a trial date of April 17 is set for Brown's misdemeanor assault case in Washington, D.C

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  1. I totally agree! Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan and Sean Penn all have been able to continue on with their livelihood without being stripped..and Robert Downey, Jr.


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