Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SCANDAL in High Society Baltimore circa1937

I tell ya, the more I find out about some in the History of the U.S., the more disgusted I become..I've come to believe there is nothing, I can't believe...if that makes sense. Judges being paid and bought for, similar to the Scandal whereas a sitting Judge was found using his discretion to send young adults in Juvenile Detention with minor criminal records..away to private prisons for a cash sum. Peep this story about "Rosewood Psychiatric Hospital", the author is a bit longwinded, however detailed account of this case.


Kanner, a prominent Austrian-born physician who headed up the child psychiatry unit at Johns Hopkins University, was an advocate for the “feebleminded.” He’s mostly remembered today as the discoverer of autism. (For a while, autism was known as “Kanner syndrome.”) Remarkably, the cluster of symptoms that he was able to piece together from just a small sample of autistic children more than 70 years ago is still routinely used for diagnostic purposes. It was while researching the history of autism for another story, in fact, that I stumbled upon a passing reference to Kanner’s role as the main whistleblower in the Rosewood case.

What was the nature of this evil? For more than 20 years, some of Baltimore’s wealthiest and most established families had been helping themselves to the institutionalized patients at Rosewood. They’d been “adopting” these mentally challenged girls and women only to turn them into their own private slaves. READ MORE

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