Monday, March 31, 2014

School to Prison Pipeline? Trip to bathroom ends in Felony Charges!


All Paris High School senior Joquan Wallace wanted was to go to the restroom. He got his teacher’s permission to leave class and decided to go to one some distance away because he wanted more privacy. A school police officer apparently followed him and later questioned Wallace about going to the restroom, authorities said.

In a statement that Wallace gave to the Paris Texas Chronicle, he said Officer Joey McCarthy told him he had looked under the door to the stall while Wallace went to the restroom and noticed that his feet were not facing in the direction they would have been if he had been sitting down.
The next thing he knew, Wallace, 19, was being detained by the officer and school Principal Gary Preston in an incident that has kicked up quite a storm in Paris, a town of about 25,000 in northeast Texas. By the time the incident was over, Wallace had been charged with two felony counts of assault of a public servant for allegedly fighting with McCarthy and Preston after he was hassled about the restroom he chose to use.

As a result of that Feb. 24 incident, Wallace was expelled from Paris High School, where he was set to graduate later this year. He’s been forced to attend an alternative school and is worried that the controversy may negatively affect his chances of getting an athletic scholarship to college. READ MORE

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