Monday, March 10, 2014

School is in: Omar Epps takes Lord Jamar to school on African Heritage and Skirts?!

 He made some very interesting points. The man is not only fine but he is intelligent as well. Learn something after the Jump!


Marlon Wayans responded which sparked a full-out Twitter debate between to the two over the new skirt trend among other things.

Omar remained rather silent throughout their Twitter feud, until he finally decided to address his decision to wear the skirt yesterday, March 9th. He credited the attire as a symbol of honor to his African roots, and went on to post a lengthy message on Instagram trying to educate those who don’t know their history on African men wearing skirts throughout the ages.

Lord Jamar also took to Twitter yesterday to comment on how he planned on watching Epp’s new show “Resurrection,” but the skirt made him think twice about it.

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