Friday, March 7, 2014

Twitter Beef!!! Marlon Wayans to Lord Jamar "You wearing an Invisible Dress"!!

So everyone should know by now that Lord Jamar whom is part of the Legendary 80's 90's, Hip Hop group "Brand Nubian", has been very vocal about the "Feminization" of Hip Hop/Rap lately and has called out Kanye West, Diddy and many other comedians and actors, mainly of African American descent for wearing skirts in Hollywood...

Today on Twitter Lord Jamar posted this photo that was sent to him of Actor Omar Epps, who has a new show on CBS entitled "Resurrection", wearing what looks to be a skirt!

From there all hell broke loose, as Epps longtime friend and actor/comedian Marlon Wayons went IN on the rapper for it and a very heated exchange ensued! **Language**

WOW! What do you think about this conversation? Was Lord Jamar in the right? or does Marlon have a point about folks getting out of their comfort zones?

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