Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TRAILER: New Documentary "Afraid of Dark" explores Fear perpetuated by the Media

 I'm a lover of factual based documentaries, and am very much interested to see how this one plays out. Hopefully it doesn't just skim the surface but gets to the meat, so to speak of this subject.

Tragedies like the deaths of Trayvon MartinOscar Grant and Jordan Davis – and the public outcries that have followed each one — are proof that that there is a sharp awareness in the black community of the unjust targeting of black males, as well as the cultural stereotypes and myths that fuel it. This year, one film will explore the fears that underlie the criticism, marginalization and seemingly systematic incarceration of black men, as well as the violence so often directed toward them.

The writer and director behind the male-centric feature is actually a woman, the Brooklyn-based filmmaker Mya B.

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