Monday, March 10, 2014

What to Watch: "Resurrection" -The Returned via PolicyMic

Watched "Resurrection" on Hulu and love it! Great Suspense.  I need something to cure my addiction to "Scandal" during the week.

PolicyMic writes:

While ABC's new series Resurrection investigates the supernatural, The Returned — the French cult favorite that shares a premise with the former — simply flirts with it. The American series, which premiered on Sunday night, is not a direct remake of The Returned (Les Revenants). But given their similar storylines, it's almost impossible not to draw comparisons, especially when one is clearly better than the other.

Both shows are based on a group of dead people coming back to life not as frightening flesh-eating zombies, but rather as seemingly normal human beings who haven't aged a day.
At the intersection of sci-fi and crime drama, with a saucy mix of horror and romance to boot, The Returned simultaneously spooks and pleasures viewers. Don't let its subtitles turn you off; The Returned is brilliant television. READ MORE

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