Thursday, April 10, 2014

22 Year old Blogger Karyn Washington founder of "For Black Girls" commits Suicide

The Silence surrounding the Suicide death of this 22 year old activist young lady, is astounding! Karyn Washington was the founder of "For Black Girls", an anti-colorism blog on Tumblr. The blog has since been removed. 

Our condolences to Ms. Washington and her loved ones. She was a SIStar for real who wanted to make a difference. 

Mental Illness and Major Depression in and amongst the African American community has been a struggle for those organizations who are on the frontlines, such as the National Association of Mental Health (NAMH) whom implement special campaigns aimed directly at this population in concern for those who are suffering in silence due to stigma and tradition.

In 2012, Karyn gave an interview where she discussed her reasons for starting up her blog and went more into depth about 'Colorism" and its profound effects.  READ HERE

R.I.P Karyn Washington!

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