Tuesday, April 1, 2014

At 18 he was sentenced to 40 years for assault in Georgia

Frightening. Although it happens everywhere., "slave states" is what I call them, Georgia, Florida, Alabama etc are the worse and eggregiously unjust in sentencing and still bear Jim Crow laws on their books.


His name is Christopher Adam Charles Emmanuel, and he was always a happy go lucky person;a brilliant adolescent and straight A student.However, at the age of 18; an age where one should never be considered an adult, Christopher became caught up with the wrong crowd, and, with a group of those friends, got into a heated disagreement with some peers.  During this disagreement a firearm was discharged, andthe bullet ended up piercing and fatally wounding an innocent grandmother and her grandchild.

 A jury trial was held, and it was determined that the fatal shot came from a hand gun used by someone in the group, and that Christopher was not the gunmen.  Cleared of all murder charges, Christopher was then convicted of two counts of aggravated assault and sentenced to 40 years in Prison.  Yes, you heard me correctly, 40 years!
Christopher was convicted in CLAYTON COUNTY, GEORGIA.  Christopher was only 18 at the time of the incident, which means that he will be imprisoned until the age of 58; his earliest date for parole being 2031, when he will be 46.

 The Mother/Daughter of the victims was present at the sentencing trial, and she herself said that she felt that Christopher had been sentenced too harshly. The actual gunman/shooter was released after taking a plea for cooperating with the police. This case was a huge injustice to all involved, including the victims. READ & SIGN PETITION

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