Saturday, April 5, 2014

DOPE: Eminem taps Director Spike Lee to shoot visuals for "Headlights"...

One thing I can allways say about Eminem, he is consistent when it comes to this rap game..has never "sold out" to the industry to pimp him as they saw fit..he always maintained integrity when it came to the culture...his lyrics in my opinion can be misogynistic in tone, however I think he has grown a bit..its been a minute since I've listened to some slim shady.


 Eminem just did the best thing. Earlier today (April 5th), Eminem revealed on his personal Instagram account that Spike Lee will be directing his next music video, “Headlights”.

According to the Instagram post, the music video for the fourth The Marshall Mathers LP 2 single will be directed by Spike Lee and shot in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit. “Headlights”, which featutres Nate Reuss is currently #11 on on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop Digital Songs.

Eminem & Spike in the D

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