Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Has Black Beauty NOW been Validated? People Magazine names Lupita N'Yongo MOST BEAUTIFUL...We knew that though!! Lol

Well lookey here..I have to say, this is a step in the right direction when a woman of color whom is naturally beautiful can become the "covergirl" of a predominantly White Magazine. Real hair and ALL! No assimiliation. Powerful Imaging...

However, foundations like "Black Girls Rock" started by Beverly Bond, have tried and to a point succeeded, to hone in on a similar message of sorts, inner beauty rocks, regardless of societal pressures, socioeconomic background and so forth.

Yale Educated, Lupita N'Yongo is for certain a true Black Girl that ROCKS!!! Congrats, this is your time sweetie..

I'm sure People will sell alot of issues, I truly want a copy to show my daughter ;)

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