Friday, April 4, 2014

Here We Go: Alleged Killer's Attorneys will call question past of Renisha McBride

I guess all should be concerned about what one has done in the past, because it could help your killer go free!!!..It all seems so strange that a victim of circumstances, such as the facts presented in this case, would be made out to be the cause of her own death..the same with Trayvon Martin. However, that is an Defense Attorney's job, to defend at all cost, to Win!


According to the Associated Press, lawyers defending Theodore Wafer are planning to use McBride's lifestyle against her in the trial, which is set to start in June. They are also calling for the current judge, a newcomer to the bench, to step down from the case because of a perceived conflict of interest.

The thought that McBride approached Wafer's house for help after her car crashed is "fiction" and "utterly erroneous," said Cheryl Carpenter, one of Wafer's attorneys.

Hints as to "whether Ms. McBride had a character trait for aggression" are relevant, Carpenter asserted, pointing to text messages, photos, school records as well as any previous police records as materials that could be introduced at the trial, AP reports. Carpenter wants the jury to be allowed to see photos from the young woman's phone that show her with stacks of cash, alcohol and marijuana. There is one blurry photo of McBride holding what could be a gun.

Wafer's lawyers also said that McBride could have thought she was breaking into her marijuana supplier's house.

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