Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hip Hop Gives: Kanye & Common create Jobs for Chicago Youth

 "Soooo many things to say rite now" as Lauryn Hill's song says, however no words for Kanye West along with MC/Lyricist Common who have joined Brand Forces to startup an initiative for job creation to help youth in the "war torn" city of Chicago! 


They say Hip Hop isn’t doing anything for the youth and culture of the black community, but two of the music genre’s biggest names are joining forces with the Chicago Urban League to bring an end to this perception.

“Obviously, one of the biggest reasons our kids are going through what they’re going through is because of poverty. I was doing an event in the neighborhood and there were some kids from Englewood and I said, ‘Man, what do y’all really need? What’s gonna stop this?’ And they were like, ‘We need money. Man, if we could work.’ They want a chance,” said rapper

Growing up on the mean streets of Chicago, Common and Kanye West are overly familiar with the plight of young black Chicago boys and girls. There are not enough opportunities to earn some money without entering the dangerous drug trade and gang culture known across the country and world in Chicago. However, they want to give the youth some alternatives. READ MORE

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