Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Horrible...3 year old mauled to death by family Pitbulls..

Really Sad Story...Adorable child. For the record, I witnessed a mauling of a young boy around the same age by a dog and from than on have never felt comfortable around dogs of ANY kind, even puppies.

reports Bossip:

A three-year-old Holmes County child is dead, after a pit bull attack. It happened in the community of Thornton which is south of Tchula.
The boy has been identified as Christopher Malone.
Our news crew was the first to arrive on the scene when this happened just after 4:00p.m. Monday.
Family members say the dogs were secured in a dog pen behind the home but some how broke out and attacked Malone.
“The dog just jumped him and took him down and drugged him in the back and killed him, ate him up,” said Lucy Mayze, an aunt of the victim.
Sheriff deputies say Malone’s mother tried to save him,
“The children were outside playing and she missed her child and when she went around to look for him that’s when she saw the dogs on him and she went up there to try to get the dogs off her child and she ended up getting bit too,” said Captain Sam Chambers with the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department.
Malone’s mother was treated at Lexington hospital. The death is still under investigation.
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 A 3-year-old boy was killed by a pit bull Monday afternoon. Christopher Malone's mother found the boy's body behind the family's Holmes County home. The Holmes County Sheriff's Department said it happened around 4 p.m. No one saw the attack.

"When the deputies made it there, they found a young kid that'd been deceased from two pit bulls. Right now, we (are) basically doing an investigation on what happened," said Holmes County Sheriff Wilie March.

Two dogs were taken from the home by animal control officers.
No word yet if both animals were involved in the attack.

"It's hurting me because that's my baby, that's my baby. All these kids are my kids," said the boy's cousin, Darius Mayze.

Family members said they've had the dogs since they were puppies, and the dogs have been around children their entire lives.

"Losing a cousin is tough, but all I can do is pray to God, ask him to give my family strength and go on," said the boy's grandfather, Will Malone.

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