Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kandi Burruss's Pre-Nuptial Agreement leaked...SMH...

Smart Girl ;) Kandi is no dummy, she has had her share of heartbreak and quite a significant amount of Industry cutththroatness I'm sure,  to NOT deal in "Self Preservation"... Sad someone leaked this information out of her legal files. Disgusting. Just shows you the length some will go to for money.


As most of y'all know by now - Kandi and Todd were OFFICIALLY MARRIED over the weekend, but it almost didn't happen. spoke with a person IN THE KNOW who told us that Kandi and Todd hada DISAGREEMENT about the pre-nup . . . and up until the day BEFORE THE WEDDING, they hadn't resolved it.

But Kandi was TOUGH . . . and she stayed STRONG, telling Todd that either he SIGNED IT . . . or he can kick rocks. Eventually Todd signed the paperwork and they were married. Here are the terms of their pre-nup:
1. Kandi gets to keep the house, her cars, and any and all assets that she had before they got married.
2. In the event that Kandi dies, all of her assets go to daughter Riley, and not to Todd.
3. If the marriage ends before 5 years Todd gets NOTHING. If the marriage ends between 5-10 years, Todd gets $100K, and after 10 years, Todd gets $300K.
4. The couple agree to have separate accounts. Any money and any assets that aren't in accounts with Todd's name ONLY - belong to Kandi 100% in the event of a divorce.

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