Monday, April 21, 2014

KeKe Palmer gets Talk Show on BET Networks, Judge Mathis is the EP!


Keke Palmer is making big moves these days. The 20-year-old beauty is taking her talents over to BET for her own talk show, tentatively titled “The Keke Palmer Project!”

According to Deadline, the new gig will make Keke the youngest talk show host in TV history. It will target millenials and cover topics like “fashion, pop culture, social issues, sex, and will feature celebrity interviews, “on the street” bits and undercover segments.”

The idea for the show was birthed from Keke’s interaction with fans on social media. “I like to read quotes that touch on how I am feeling,” the actress revealed in a statement. “If I am dealing with confusion, I will read quotes about clarity and peace of mind. I started posting these quotes on my Twitter page, and the fans responded so positively! I realized that many of them were dealing with similar issues, and the quotes helped to open up a genuine dialogue between us.”

The show debuts in July and get this faved TV Judge and Activist Judge Greg Mathis is the Executive Producer of the show... This should be interesting. Go KeKe!

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