Monday, April 7, 2014

Officers who viciously beat Teen Violinist Jordan Miles-Not Guilty

 Its the bad cops who make it even worse for the good ones who are left.

A federal jury decided three officers who beat and wrongfully arrested 22-year-old Jordan Miles four years ago did not use excessive force.
The unanimous verdict came after 10 days of testimony. 

From WPXI:
The jury also awarded Miles $101,016.75 total in compensatory damages and $6,000 in punitive damages against each officer.
Lawyers for both sides had no immediate comment. The city settled with Miles for $75,000 before the start of a first civil trial in 2012, which ended with jurors deciding Miles was not maliciously prosecuted but jurors in that trial were hung on whether he was wrongfully arrested or if the officers used excessive force.

Miles testified that the officers, who were in an unmarked car, didn’t identify themselves and that he thought they were muggers when they rushed at him at about 11 p.m. He said he had never before been arrested, played the viola in school and was an honors student.

The city has also agreed to cover any damages awarded to Miles on behalf of the officers.  Background Story

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