Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PROFANITY! Memphis Bleek new track: "Thanks I Get" is he talking about Jay Z? WOW!

NYC native Memphis Bleek fires off on "Thanks I Get" something crazy. And I feel him 100 percent. There is no loyalty these days no matter the character of an individual, there is always "blood in the water"..Sharks circling.

These days being an mature and wiser hip hop head,  I'm not a fan of the overly gangster rap music, I do what I like to call "separate the meat from the bones"..take the meat, spit out the bones, and there is alot of meat in this track to make you think., especially if one has been in and around the music industry, grew up in the hood etc..

This track feels very therapeutic from him. He deserves better...Sounds to me, he thought he would be further, but didn't get his proper due. Hmmm.

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