Tuesday, April 1, 2014

VIDEO:What is going on? Christina Milian's Bodyguard assaults woman outside Bar

Very rarely do you see Christina Milian in the middle of mess, she is quite the sneaky one. hahaa..J/K. Here is what our sources are reporting:

R&B singer Christina Milian may have some explaining to do in the very near future as footage of her alleged bodyguard attacking a rowdy female last night (March 30) has surfaced online.

According to reports, the intense incident went down following a Hollywood nightclub outing.
Christina Milian was caught in the middle of some Hollywood nightclub violence Sunday night — after a woman (wearing only a bra and shorts) went after a bodyguard protecting Christina … and the bodyguard swatted her away with an open palm to the face. We have no idea who the woman is or why she was upset — but the video’s intense. Christina was in a great mood on her way into Hooray Henry’s … but the short-tempered security guard definitely led her out in a hurry.

And Mz MindFull Jordan says: LEAVE YOUR HANDS OFF WOMEN. That is all. ...I'm saying tho, some women are like men, rough and sometimes violent..I'm glad he didn't hurt her. However where are her clothes and WHY didn't the police do anything after he clearly mushed her in front of them?

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