Friday, May 9, 2014

Dear Mama: Afeni Shakur to speak at Trayvon Martin Foundation Retreat


To heal other parents whose children were victims of gun violence.
Fulton, along with the Trayvon Martin Foundation, will be hosting a “Circles of Mothers” during the weekend of May 16th-18th.

The purpose is to create awareness of how violent crimes impact the families of the victims and to provide support and advocacy for those families. The mother of slain rap icon Tupac, Afeni Shakur, will join Fulton as a keynote speaker. The press release via the Trayvon Martin Foundation:
Afeni Shakur, the former Black Panther, activist, and mother of rap superstar Tupac Shakur, took on the duty of finishing the work her son was unable to complete after a bullet took his life in 1996. She is currently working to make his dreams a reality as founder and CEO of Amaru Entertainment, Inc., a record and film production company, and creator of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, Inc.

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