Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Do you know where you come from? Ancestry and Erykah Badu

 I tried to trace my family tree some several years ago and it is quite difficult and expensive. I started with information from my father's side and tried to to receive information from my mother's side as well.., you'll be surprised at what you learn. I hope to start up the process again., I was able to learn that my my grandmother on my Dad's side was a full blooded BlackFoot Indian, which only made the search for my history more difficult..It is VERY important as black people to do this search so that we may discover where we truly come from. It truly helps.

reports: AFH-AmbrosiaforHeads

Erykah Badu took a DNA test to get a better sense of her full ancestry. OkayPlayer accompanied her on her journey and it yielded some fascinating results. Not only did Ms. Badu come away with a deeper understanding of her roots, she also learned that some of the things that had come to her naturally were actually inherent characteristics of her native tribe. This is a very engaging video for Badu fans or anyone interested in learning about their lineage, generally.

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